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Mega3 Firm was initially founded to serve the Caribbean and West Indian communities but has since expanded to serve a wider net of minority communities.

Mega3 Firm provides advice and strategy support in a variety of specializations. We have over 10 years of expertise and experience in information technology, business & career consulting. It’s Mega3 Firm’s pleasure to share this knowledge by offering our undivided time to individuals and small to mid size business owners within the West Indian, Caribbean & minority immigrant communities.


Empowering the West Indian, Caribbean and minority immigrant communities, because knowledge is indeed power.

About The Founder


Thalia Salmon

Born in Jamaica, Thalia immigrated to the USA at a young age but grew up sharing her time between both countries. She has always had a passion for technology and business. Since the age of eleven, Thalia has ran various business ventures: sock company, laptop stickers and hair blog. She is definitely a multi-talented entrepreneur.

Thalia is a proud alumna of the world’s #1 ranked college in entrepreneurship, Babson College.

After settling in South Florida, a hub for many Caribbeans, West Indians and a myriad of other immigrants, Thalia realized that her knowledge and experience would be very beneficial to her community. As a child Thalia was taught to always look for ways to strengthen her community by giving back in anyway that she could. It is from this foundation that propels her into looking for ways to help her community, from business owners to young professionals early on in their careers.

This is the ethos from which Mega3 Firm was established upon and will continue to pursue!

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We provide information technology, business and career consulting services.


E.g. Advise clients on how to best use information technology (IT) practices to achieve their business goals.


E.g. How to maintain B2B relationships and increase companies’ net profits.


E.g. Provide resources and expertise on how to land a high paying job within the technology field.

"Thalia is a great resource, from industry knowledge to providing a professional recommendation, Thalia is on top of it. She has been a great help with all things tech related. Very professional and responsive, no ask is too small."

Pamela Mukiza, Grants Specialist

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